Welcome to the Hotel 2 Länder,

Ihre Gastgeber Familie Schütze

not just stay, but to feel good and more – you can with us, because as a family business with the personal touch we give high priority to a noticeable family atmosphere.

Here you will find a guest individual attention! 

Ant that is our strength: you can choose if you want to stay Bavarian or comfortably Thuringian classic. Each room has its own charm. Whether you come to us as a business, private or group traveler – so that you feel at right at home, all the staff are always there for you.

  • For hotel guests there is the possibility for free recharge their electric cars.                                                                                                                      There are two basic ports.                                                                                                                           ►►►


We look forward to you! Family Schütze and all the staff from Hotel 2 Lander Apolda


Know the major review sites? Under hotel.de, hrs.de, bookings.de u.s.w. Guests can publish your own words your impressions of our hotel. We can show you on this site, how satisfied our guests were 2 countries with the hotel.

Just click below the displayed review sites and read for yourself what others write about our hotel. If you were even once our guest lately,
then we would be very happy if you also place a rating. If you are happy you recommend us, if not talk to us.

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